Train to become a world-class life coach in just 8 weeks with our comprehensive online training programme and weekly class calls.












The Life Class® is a ‘video led’ comprehensive online training programme where you will learn powerful tools, techniques and life-changing concepts. You will experience your own journey of self-discovery and growth whilst also being provided with the best training. At the end of the 8 weeks you will be able to confidently begin your coaching career. You will learn how to build successful client relationships, experience incredible coaching methods and benefit from getting the inside scoop into running your own life coaching business.



Each week a class module will be released and it will include an ‘introduction video’ supported by tutorial videos with notes and worksheets to download and keep, teaching you everything you need to learn in each module as it's delivered.


Each module is delivered in an easy to follow format with supporting notes for all of the videos, tools and techniques covered during class. After each class, you will have an integration exercise which allows you to put the concepts you have learnt into action. You’ll also be using everything you have learnt to coach each other and this really works to boost your learning as it shows you how to coach first hand.


A few days after each module is sent to you, there will be time to speak on the telephone with Jacqueline who will discuss the module with you, demonstrate the tools, answer any questions you might have and guide you whilst you coach each other.


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To become a fully certified Life Class Life Coach - including 8 video modules, 8 class calls with Jacqueline; all downloadable worksheets, course notes and recordings, and final assessment & certification - the pay-in-full price is £4,900.


“Our web-based Life Class "Certified Life Coach" Course training is laser-focused, strategic, extensive, rigorous, sometimes a little crazy and always amazing fun. This is a beautiful journey of self-discovery where people are guided to do their own work, find their own clarity and go on their own personal journey.”



"I have found The Life Class to be amazing, life changing and inspirational. You don't have to spend your precious time trekking around to lectures etc. The course goes straight into the ‘real stuff.’ I looked forward to our weekly calls - they were the perfect combo of laughs, tears and pushing me WAY beyond my comfort zone. I was looking to do something for me and my personal development and honestly the Life Class fell into my lap at the perfect time in my life. I learned such simple and smart tools to master your thinking and take control of your mind. It’s helped in my relationships with my husband, my family and also with work colleagues and the team I manage. If you’re looking for a course that calls you out on your BS*, is authentic and above all a kind and safe place to learn a ton about yourself and how to help others then Jacqueline is your gal and the Life Class is the course for you. "


"Jacqueline has been a great teacher. She really made me get what she was teaching me and I really took control of the reigns of my mind...she truly is an inspiration to me and a good soul. The Life Class has been brilliant!"


"It was exactly what I needed to break free from playing small. I now understand how to manage my mind by thinking positively. Over the last 8 weeks, I have seen a big shift in my mindset. I am practicing (more than ever) self-kindness and understand that everything is a learning. I am more confident, happier and stronger. I would say to people - make the investment in yourself. It's 1000% worth it."


"The Life Class is seriously amazing! I looked into a lot of coaching courses before taking the Life Class and it surpassed all my expectations. The in-depth content and hands-on training with Jacqueline made me feel supported, challenged, and ultimately ready to start my own coaching business. This was an experience of a lifetime and I can't wait to share what I have learned."


"I first came to see Jacqueline for Life Coaching and within only two sessions I truly started to have clarity and really see the power of my own thinking and what it was doing to my life. I was bowled over and I really wanted to learn more about Life Coaching with The Life Class. I wanted to teach her magic to other people. I was learning again which I never thought heading to 50 I would be doing, I was calmer, happier and in control of my life again. The one thing that will stick with me is as I went through the course, how clever it was and how it naturally unravelled each week, making more and more sense as we gained more and more information. Jacqueline had guided us to really figure this out for ourselves and carefully provided the props to get us there. I am in awe of her and she will always be an inspiration for me. I am now a certified Life Coach and I feel great. I would whole heartedly give my backing to anyone who is considering The Life Class. I think now I have all the right tools to stride forward and help others to do the same. I can’t Thank Jacqueline and The Life Class enough. "


"The Life Class was fun, informative & most of all challenging. It explained the concept, process & methodology of Life Coaching in a clear concise manner. With a good focus on the reality of coaching alongside the principles. I now feel thoroughly educated and informed, and appreciate the new level of understanding I have regarding the psychology of Life Coaching and the abilities to enable clients to close the gap between their dreams and reality. "


"The Life Class really challenged my thinking and my beliefs and pushed me way beyond my comfort boundaries. and at the same time made me realise that once you know HOW to take charge of your thoughts (and help your client take charge of their thoughts), the possibilities are awesome. It is such a coherent and impressive system."


"The Life Class honestly changed my life. I learnt tools that helped me navigate my way through the challenges I have encountered in everyday life, helped me understand myself a lot better and helped me in every area of life from career to relationships. Not only that, but I have fallen in love with coaching and I've experienced how amazing it is not only to help other people, but understand how coaching other people can help you coach yourself more efficiently. I've also been able to work study and practice around my busy work schedule which has been fantastic. In short - it's amazing! "



Sign up today to start your journey of transformation.
To become a fully certified Life Class Life Coach - including 8 video modules, 8 class calls with Jacqueline; all downloadable worksheets, course notes and recordings, and final assessment & certification - the pay-in-full price is £4,900.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no authorised governing body for life coaching, however we acknowledge and respect all Associations (including the ICF) and some life coaches are linked to these Associations as ‘members’.

Today as it stands there are no legal regulations on coaching or coaching requirements in the UK, USA or anywhere in the world and these Associations have been set up to try and offer some regulation for all forms of coaches and as we regulate our own coaches at The Life Class, holding them to the very highest standards, we therefore do not believe it necessary to buy membership to these Companies.

As a student at The Life Class® if you wish to personally become a member of an Association you will be eligible for Affiliate Membership at The Coaching Association once you have completed and become certified from The Life Class®. If you wish to become a member of the ICF this course will help you start that journey.

The Life Class® prides itself on Jacqueline’s experience, passion and dedication to creating the best mind courses supporting people to becoming the best life coaches in the world.

One of the big differences between The Life Class® and other coaching programs is Jacqueline Hurst’s commitment to excellence, growth and sharing of knowledge in a very strategic and innovative way.  Her absolute passion and dedication to building the best ‘mind’ coaching school, offering exceptional courses which enable people to ‘upgrade’ their minds quickly and effectively has led to her launching two of the most comprehensive, exciting and transformative courses.

Both The Life Class® Certified Coach Course (the specialist 8 week course for aspiring life coaches) and The Life Class® Be your own Life Coach (a complete mind course suitable for everyone) teaches people essential mind management skills. These courses are revolutionary and empower people to upgrade the way they think, behave and lead their lives. After dealing with her own life struggles, Jacqueline suffered from addiction issues which led to her being broke and depressed but by turning her own life around through changing her thought processes, habits and behaviour she was inspired to do the same for others.

For more on Jacqueline, click here

Through her courses Jacqueline will be teaching you how to understand thoughts and belief systems, how they work, how to ‘breakthrough’ any barriers which might be holding you back and preventing you from living your optimum life. Post course you will be able to create your own happiness by being able to create internal happiness. The combination of skills encourages empowerment, enhances and grows strength and this translates to you being more able to live you best life yet.

This extraordinary Life Coach School allows you to learn at your own pace in your own environment whatever your location in the world.

Prepare to live better, bigger and live the life you love.

Homework is in the form of a self-development worksheet each week. This is your responsibility to complete and we strongly recommend keeping up to date with this as it makes it easier for you to become a certified life coach. We recommend that you spend two hours per week on strengthening your self-development skills. Your self-development homework is not like schoolwork, but the effort you put in will be clear in the results you achieve at the end of the course and your competence as a life coach.

You will not be asked to hand it in or get marked on it but if your aim is to be an amazing life coach completing all of the work given to you will provide a solid foundation for your future in coaching. Throughout the course it is recommended that you allocate some time talking to friends, family or colleagues about their concerns, worries or struggles to give you real life case studies to work with, putting everything you are learning into practice. This is a crucial part of your learning and will give you a taste of what your future role will entail. It’s fun too.

The Life Class® has designed this virtual course so that it’s accessible for everyone. If you can click on a ‘click here’ and press a ‘print’ button you will be over-qualified on a technical level to take the course.

Once you have signed up you’ll receive a username and password for the private membership website and when you log in with those details and the rest is simple. The course consists of easy-to-follow videos, video notes and done-for-you-worksheets – everything is designed to be simple and user friendly.

Training is offered throughout the year. Get in contact at [email protected] to find out more.

Please note that the training is offered on a first come, first served basis. Your space will be confirmed and secured once payment is made.  Space is LIMITED. This course fills up FAST. 

Being Certified from The Life Class® offers numerous benefits – check out the Certification Page to find out more.

The Life Class® does not regulate, oversee, or have a financial relationship with Life Class certified coaches. The Life Class® Life Coach Training is an educational program. Certification signifies coaches have fulfilled the basic requirements of The Life Class® course. Professional responsibility education is provided to all coaches who have completed The Life Class® Training. The Life Class® only certifies coaches they believe will conduct themselves at the highest level of professional and ethical standards. The Life Class® cannot be held responsible for the conduct of individual coaches.

Students who want to be life coaches and sign up to our courses tend to be the people who are caring, supportive and those who are likely to help others in life. Empathy, compassion and an open heart are great qualities for life coaches to be. Those who have been through difficult life experiences themselves and have turned their own life around often want to help others do the same. People who are good listeners and love to encourage others to live life to their full potential and are great at motivating others to experience their own career transition seamlessly.

If you are ready to feel empowered, do a job that transforms other people’s lives every day and work hours that suit you, your journey starts here and we are excited to share and support you through this exciting experience.

Students taking this course will be the person others turn to for advice and guidance.

You are empathetic, compassionate and open hearted.

  • You may have experienced difficult life events and want to help others with these life experiences.
  • You will be a good listener and love to encourage and motivate people to feel better.
  • You will want to make a positive difference in people’s lives and the world and you believe and know that helping others gives you the most amazing feeling of satisfaction and pleasure.
  • You will believe that this job is just something you are ‘meant’ to do.
  • You have a calling to be your own boss, you are entrepreneurial and want to be more active in shaping your own career.
  • You simply want to find your own powerful way of feeling amazing. All. The. Time.

Prepare to learn and enjoy the most life enhancing experience and transform you life forever.

The Life Class "Certified Life Coach" Course is a dedicated, detailed syllabus that has been created to train people to become strong, confident and successful Life Coaches. This comprehensive, interactive course helps you to learn more about yourself whilst clearly outlining and teaching you how to coach others and run a successful life coaching business.

The Certified Life Coach Course includes all of the skills and modules in the ‘Be Your Own Life Coach Course’ plus a lot more. It helps you gain a deeper knowledge of yourself, a full understanding of how to be a successful coach and how to run a coaching business. We believe that to be a fantastic life coach you need to gain understanding of how your own mind works and enhance your own actions before you coach others. The Certified Life Coach Course is a buzzy, interactive course where you will have all of the benefits of an online forum, student community, weekly class calls and an exam and Certification at the end of the course.


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