The ‘Foundation’ Course

Expect to boost your emotional intelligence, raise your confidence levels, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and improve all of your relationships while gaining a healthy and happy mind.

You will revolutionise your life by training your mind in how to deal with anything life throws at you in just 6 weeks. The ‘Foundation’ course has been designed to transform your life through a powerful mind enhancing method created by the mind experts at The Life Class.
If you are passionate about becoming your ‘best self’ sign up and get ready to fine tune your mind, expand your thinking and live life bigger that you ever imagined possible.

How does it work?

On signing up your six ‘mind’ modules will be released. You can then work through each module at your own pace. You will have a series of dynamic tutorial video’s supported with notes and worksheets for you to download and keep. The structure of the course is clear, focused and designed to deliver results. You will quickly feel a newly found ability to manage your mind and your life effectively.

The process?

Each module features an easy-to-follow structure with supporting notes for all the tools and techniques discussed in each module. After each class, you’ll have a self-development worksheet which allows you to put the concepts you’ve learned into action.

Jacqueline Hurst, our founder, explains, “Our web-based Life Class Foundation Course training is laser-focused, strategic, extensive, rigorous, sometimes a little crazy and always amazing fun. This is a beautiful journey of self-discovery where people are guided to do their own work, find their own clarity and go on their own personal journey.”

Learn how to get rid of any barriers that are blocking you or keeping you from creating your absolute best self and in turn, best life. Dynamic, virtual learning means you can learn from anywhere in the world, at your own convenience.

Why us?

Seems like nowadays you can read a book and be an ‘expert’. We at The Life Class believe our experience and our proven track record for over a decade of helping people change their life, is what makes us not only different, but top of our game.

The Life Class is making mindfulness cool. It’s cool to be self-aware, it’s cool to be emotionally intelligent, it’s really cool to like yourself and it’s even cooler to be someone who loves their life. Everyone wants to be that person and The Life Class is teaching people how.

Are you ready?

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