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GQ Journalist Alice Hart-Davis puts the Jacqueline Hurst method through its paces.  Her verdict? 

"It works, and if I can learn it, you could, too."

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“Top life coach JACQUELINE HURST knows from bitter experience how a person’s comfortable existence can spiral out of control. Here she talks about her battle with anorexia and drug addiction – and what it took to bring her back from the brink”

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How to Create a Radiant Mind - Jacqueline Hurst, mind expert, life coach and founder of The Life Class, shares her top tips for achieving all powerful peace of mind…

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A London therapist has told how her 10-year battle with a series of addictions inspired her to set up an online life coaching school.

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“Over the 8-week course, you will learn how to have confidence in your abilities, how to start a business and (importantly) how to get clients through the door.

But do you need a picture-perfect life to advise others? ‘Not at all’, Hurst assures me. ‘Nobody has a perfect life. Everyone is just doing their best. You will start to sort your life out as you go through the course and, actually, overcoming those obstacles and developing an emotional intelligence will ultimately make you a better coach”

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A Healthista journalist undertook The Life Class to help her achieve her goal to write a book and become a life coach – read about it on her Life Lessons blog - every Monday on

Jacqueline’s Life Class school is a UK first and, with the new course, anyone can train to be a life coach in a speedy eight weeks. Jacqueline believes that the knowledge and skills needed do not necessarily take hundreds of hours and has instead condensed the information into nine easily digestible chunks conducted over Skype. With the sessions then available to download and listen at your convenience, Jacqueline can change your life without disrupting it.”

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